Old Clee Bakery, nestled unassumingly on the edge of the historic Old Clee area of Grimsby, has a fine history spanning many decades. Being famous locally for providing traditional bread, cakes and confectionary, our bakery is now one of the very few to offer traditional products that are all lovingly baked in the shop, by hand.

Apart from our superb products, our traditional bakers and friendly staff; to those serving behind the counter and our delivery drivers, our team are what make our bakery special.

It is fair to say that our team truly make us who we are; this is evident in the traditional baking experience our bakers have acquired over many years, that allows us to take the art of baking to a whole new level. With our very talented employees, working at Old Clee Bakery is not just simply a job, it is a source of pride — that's why we employ the area's best traditional bakers; who continue to embark upon creating products for all to enjoy.

Giving back is something we believe in deeply. That is why we donate bread and buns to the 'We are one Foundation', a grassroots charity staffed solely by volunteers, which works to provide support for people facing food poverty including the homeless, those in hostels, the elderly and families in financial distress. What's more, anything that can't be consumed directly we give to 'ReFood' who give us an alternative to sending unwanted food to landfill with a safe, secure, closed-loop, end-to-end solution, instead they turn it into biogas and fertiliser!

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We Are One Foundation